NICU visitation policy

Your baby's health, safety and confidentiality are important to us.

The following guidelines have been designed with these priorities in mind:

  • Parents are encouraged to be with their babies as often as possible. Family and friends may visit with a parent from 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. This is to allow you time to get to know your baby and learn any special care your baby may need. If you are unable to visit your baby as often as you would like, you may identify special visitors to visit in your absence. Your nurse will assist you with the arrangements.
  • Your baby's brothers or sisters are welcome to visit. Ask your baby's nurse concerning the guidelines around sibling visitation.
  • All visitors to the nursery must be in good health. Minor illnesses for adults and children, such as cold, flu and fever can be very serious for babies in the NICU. If you have signs or symptoms of an illness please don't visit until you are healthy. You are encouraged to call for updates.
  • Medical information will be given only to parents over the phone. Please encourage family and friends to contact you for information about your baby. 
  • Please check in at the reception desk before entering and leaving the NICU.
  • Many of the babies in the NICU are extremely sensitive to noise, for this reason it is very important to keep noise to a minimum. Please turn your cell phones and pagers to vibrate.