What is BikeFit?

The BikeFit program at Nebraska Medicine provides you with a physical therapist trained in ensuring your bike meets your needs and allows you to cycle to your maximum potential. When your bike does not fit you well, it can lead to discomfort and can discourage you from riding as long as you would like. Common problems are numbness in your hands, wrist/knee pain, back pain, neck pain, and seat discomfort. The trained physical therapists at Nebraska Medicine will fit your bike to you to decrease pain and your potential for injury, and enhance your riding experience. Having your bike fit to your needs will make cycling more enjoyable and help you reach your goals, whether you are a competitive or recreational cyclist.

Who should come?

The BikeFit program is for riders of all ages and skill.

How much does it cost?

No doctor referral is necessary to schedule a BikeFit appointment and insurance is not accepted for this service, as it is cash payment only. The initial assessment and fitting fee is $150 and $75 for any follow-up appointment.

Why come to Nebraska Medicine for BikeFit?

Our BikeFit evaluations are performed by Carly Thomsen, DPT, and Amy Collison, DPT. They have 15 years of combined experience as physical therapists, and both are orthopaedic certified specialists with extensive training in anatomy and orthopaedic rehab. Both are avid cyclists with over 10 years of combined competitive cycling experience. Thomsen is currently a member of the Orion Women’s Cycling Team.

Both have completed BikeFit training through BikePT, which is specialized training designed for physical therapists. Collison also brings to the program five years of experience serving the Omaha community as a bike fitter. This aspect of Nebraska Medicine’s BikeFit program sets us apart from others, as our bike fitters are trained physical therapists in addition to being cyclists. They have the background and experience to make sure you can be comfortable and injury free on your bike whether you are a recreational or competitive cyclist.

What to expect at your BikeFit appointment?

The therapist will perform an off-the-bike assessment, discuss with you any pain or problems you are having while riding, as well as identify your goals as a cyclist.

The therapists will also evaluate your posture, flexibility and strength to customize your bike to fit your body and riding style.

The on-the-bike assessment will look at the three points of contact that your body makes with the bike: pedals, saddle and handlebars. The therapist will adjust your bike to optimize your riding position, accommodate any injuries and to reduce stress on your joints. Many of the common complaints with cycling – hand numbness, back pain and saddle discomfort – can be alleviated with a proper bike fit.