Does Not Accept Direct Patient Appointments

What does this mean?

Some physicians cannot accept direct patient appointments based on the nature of their work. In order to provide timely, quality service in the certain areas, physicians must be assigned to patients based on their availability and the nature of the case, rather than a patient’s personal preference.

Emergency Medicine specialists see patients as they come into the emergency room (ER).  They work shifts and do not have set appointments for patients to schedule directly with them.

Hospitalists are specialists that see patients only when they are admitted to a hospital.  They work shifts using a team-based approach, so they see all patients admitted to their team. They do not have set appointments to schedule directly with them.

Radiologists read imaging studies (such as an ultrasound or MRI) to help in diagnosis and management of patients. Radiologists do not typically have direct patient appointments (unless a procedure is being performed by them).

Pathologists and other lab based physicians aid in the diagnosis and management of patients, but do not have direct patient appointments.

Physicians who have “Does Not Accept Direct Patient Appointments” on their profiles fit into this category and are on the website for informational purposes only. If you call and ask for an appointment with one of these providers, you will be unable to schedule an appointment.

For other physicians, your personal preference is an important factor to consider along with physician availability and the acuity, or urgency, of the appointment, when you make an appointment with us.

If this is unclear, please let us know.