Quarantine efforts in Nebraska 

Why were the Americans in China and on cruise ships brought to Nebraska?

Nebraska Medicine/UNMC have answered the global health emergency call before. In the last five years, we have been busy teaching other health care professionals around the world, developing new approaches to care, conducting research, and putting what we learned into practice. Along with our federal partners, we have the right people for this job. There is no better place for our fellow Americans to be.

Is there risk to the community from team members working with quarantined evacuees?

Those who are monitoring and providing care for the individuals under quarantine and in the Nebraska Biocontainment Unit wear personal protective equipment (PPE). Additionally, all team members working in the National Quarantine Unit and Nebraska Biocontainment Unit undergo monitoring twice daily in addition to wearing PPE. There is no elevated risk for the community or for anyone receiving care, visiting, working or studying at a Nebraska Medicine or UNMC facility.  

Will those being quarantined or isolated interact with each other and have access to common areas?

The individuals who are under quarantine in the National Quarantine Unit are each in a separate airborne isolation room, and do not have access to common areas and are currently unable to interact face-to-face. Technology was provided to each guest to ensure they can continue to communicate with their friends and family.