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Nebraska Medicine and the University of Nebraska Medical Center have led the world in treatment, training and quarantine methods for highly infectious diseases since caring for patients during the 2014 Ebola outbreak. 

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Frequently asked questions

Below, our infectious disease experts have answered common questions about the virus, including advice about how to protect yourself, what to do if you're asked to self-quarantine and a list of reliable information sources. 

COVID-19 basics

What coronavirus (COVID-19) is, where the virus comes from and why it's potentially dangerous. 

How COVID-19 spreads

How the virus spreads, including the risk of contracting it by touching packages from overseas or living with pets.

Advice for immunocompromised patients

Our infectious diseases experts outline how immunocompromised patients can protect themselves, and answer common questions. 

COVID-19 prevention and preparedness

How to protect yourself and your family, how health systems are preparing and resources for making travel decisions. 

COVID-19 screening

Details about who should be screened for COVID-19, and how the screening works. 

COVID-19 symptoms and treatment

A list of symptoms, information about who's considered high risk and treatment recommendations. 

Self-quarantine instructions

What to do if you've been told to self-quarantine, how to care for someone who's self quarantined and what to do if you live with someone who's been told to self-quarantine. 

Managing COVID-19 stress

A comprehensive list of high quality apps, websites and tip sheets to help you manage any stress or anxiety caused by COVID-19.

Credible COVID-19 information sources

Links to credible and reliable information sources, including the CDC, WHO and NETEC.