Telephone and Cell Phone Guidelines for the Nebraska Medical Center

For the hearing impaired, closed-captioned television and a telecommunications device (TTY) for the telephone are available. Please contact your nurse if you need one of these devices.

Cell Phone Use

Cellular phone use is permitted throughout Nebraska Medicine facilities except within three feet of a Sensor-Medic Oscillator Ventilator. Warning signs are placed on the ventilators and at the entrances to the areas they are used.

Hospital Department or Campus Number

Dial the last five digits of the telephone number.

Local Calls

Dial *9. At the dial tone, dial the local number with the area code. You are not charged for local phone calls.

Long Distance Calls

Dial *90 and the operator will help you.

Collect Calls

Collect calls cannot be accepted at the hospital.

Calling Cards and Pay Phones

Calling cards and pay phones are located in various public areas throughout the hospital.

Helpful Phone Numbers

Patient Registration/Access Services (admitting)
(402) 552-3251

Billing - Hospital
(402) 559-3140

Environmental services
(402) 559-4073

Gift Shop - University Tower
(402) 559-4198

Gift Shop - Clarkson Tower
(402) 552-3290

Nebraska House (lodging)
(402) 559-5599

Pastoral care (chaplain)
(402) 552-3219

Patient room information
(402) 552-3344
(402) 559-4144

Patient relations
(402) 559-8158

(402) 559-5111

Social work
(402) 559-4420

Volunteer services
(402) 559-4197