Palliative Care

A chronic illness often means facing many difficult decisions and complex issues.

Faced with numerous social, physical, emotional and quality of life issues, many patients and their families find themselves overwhelmed when trying to make difficult choices about their care.The palliative care team is here to help you with these decisions during this difficult time. We will help you navigate what treatment options are best based on your goals while still maintaining the best quality of life possible.

Nebraska Medicine palliative care experts help you during the time of a serious illness when you need relief from symptoms and stress.

By providing medical expertise in managing symptoms, we strive to provide you with the best quality of life possible, based on your goals. We are here to help you and your family navigate what treatment options fit you best. Our team’s goal is to provide holistic care — body, mind and spirit — so you and your family can experience the best quality of life. During an overwhelming time, palliative care is an extra layer of support. We'll be with you every step of the way.

How Nebraska Medicine Provides Palliative Care:

A Team of Experts

Your palliative care team will include a fellowship-trained doctor, as well as a specially-trained nurse practitioner, social workers and pastoral care provider who will work alongside your primary care doctors and other specialists to make sure you get the social, spiritual, emotional and psychological support you need. Our team has years of palliative care experience with patients of all ages and with all kinds of diseases at different stages.

Your Values, Goals and Wishes Guide Everything

Your palliative care team will meet with you and your family to discuss in detail your illness, care options and goals of care. To help you determine what care is most appropriate, we will explore your values, goals and wishes. We will then work with your other doctors to ensure these wishes are being carried out and that you are receiving the appropriate symptom management.

We Partner with You and Your Family to Make Difficult Decisions

We will explore your individual situation and determine what choices are available to you that fit into you and your family's goals of care. Our goal is to prevent suffering and make you feel better, whether it’s through curative treatment or end of life care. Too often, we see patients who can’t speak for themselves and whose family may not have a sense of what he or she would want. We will help you work through these challenges and explore various treatment options.