Orthopaedic Surgery

With several of the country's best orthopaedic surgeons, as recognized by their medical peers, Nebraska Medicine's orthopaedic offerings are second to none in the Omaha region. Our team is dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders like shin splints or scoliosis. Orthopaedic surgeons at Nebraska Medicine work closely with caring and experienced nurses and consult with physicians in other medical specialties to provide the latest comprehensive care.

Why Nebraska Medicine for Orthopaedic Care?


Our expert surgeons perform thousands of surgeries each year and strive especially hard to minimize your risk of infection during and after surgery through a variety of methods, all centered around giving you the best chance at getting healthy as possible. Studies have shown that the greater the volume of surgeries performed at a hospital, the better the outcomes. Our surgeons are also very experienced at choosing the appropriate candidates for surgery. Choosing the right surgery for you, with the right implant and right physical therapy contributes to better results.

We Offer a Deep Bench of Experts in Orthopaedic Specialties

Adult Reconstructive and General Orthopaedics - We treat inflammatory and degenerative joint problems, bone and soft tissue reconstruction, and prosthetic joint replacement.

Foot and Ankle Surgery - Caring for foot and ankle disorders ranging from the common to the complex, from bunions to fractures. Learn more about our foot and ankle care.

Hand and Wrist Surgery - Hand and wrist surgery includes care for many conditions such as arthritis, nerve compression and repair of congenital hand deformities and injuries. Learn our approach to treating hand and wrist issues. 

Orthopaedic Oncology - Nebraska Medicine provides care for benign and malignant bone and soft tissue tumors, using bone grafts and custom prosthetic implants. Learn more about how we treat bone cancer. 

Shoulder and Elbow Surgery - Nebraska Medicine provides evaluation and management of shoulder and elbow arthritis, dislocations, fractures and tendon tears. Learn about our expertise treating shoulders and elbows.

Trauma Surgery - Trauma surgery is an important part of emergency evaluation, treatment, and long-term follow-up of fractures, dislocations and other musculoskeletal injuries.

Pediatric Orthopaedics - Nebraska Medicine provides care for conditions specific to infants, children, and teenagers. Our pediatric orthopaedic care includes care for limb and spine deformities, bone and joint infections, and fractures and dislocations of the arms, legs, and spine.

Sports Injuries - We have a team focused on caring for people with injuries or illnesses related to sports, such as sprains, ligament or cartilage injuries, or joint ailments in athletes of all ages.

Spine Surgery - Nebraska Medicine provides evaluation and management of spine conditions such as deformities, injuries and deterioration.

Acute Pain Service - Our Acute Pain Service works closely with the orthopaedic surgeons. Many of the patients undergoing orthopaedic surgery at Nebraska Medicine will receive a nerve block which nearly eliminates or significantly reduces the need for opioid medications which can cause nausea, vomiting, and confusion. As well, a nerve block may also be used to provide complete anesthesia for the actual surgical procedure eliminating the need for general anesthesia. A nerve block is a simple procedure and has many similarities to having your tooth numbed at the dentist office.


Highly Ranked Care

In U.S. News & World Report the Nebraska Medical Center has been rated:  

  • A high-performing hospital for Orthopaedics in the 2011
  • Nationally for Orthopaedics in 2012
  • High performing hospital for Orthopaedics in the 2013 and 2014
  • Best regional hospital in Eastern Nebraska in 2015 
  • High Performing Hospital in hip replacement in 2019-2020