Download New Nurses Guide to a Successful Career

Are you a... 

  • Student in nursing school? 
  • Newly minted nurse?  
  • Nurse just hitting your stride?  

If you want to read wisdom from seasoned nurses that can transform an average nursing career into an excellent one, then this free ebook is for you. 

Don’t you wish you could talk to the person you’ll be 30 years from now to be warned about the bad decisions you’ve made at work, so you can make better choices now and save yourself that regret?   

Think of this ebook as the next best thing.   

Veteran nurses at an academic medical center walk you through wisdom they've learned through the years. This is one of those rare opportunities to help your future self by side-stepping some of those mistakes.   

This 39-page ebook published by Nebraska Medicine and the University of Nebraska Medical Center isn't about medical information. It's about the between-the-lines unwritten rules that will help you thrive as a nurse.  

The ebook includes articles on:  

  • 10 of the most critical soft skills for nurses  
  • How to spot a floor with a great culture  
  • Wringing the most value out of One Chart in the minimum amount of time   
  • What to look for in the best nursing shoes   
  • Being empathetic while not burning out  
  • And lots of other topics  

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