At Nebraska Medicine we do everything possible to help you get well without the need for surgery. But when a surgery is necessary, you can rest assured you're dealing with a team of people who have been successfully performing a variety of surgeries on the intestine for well over a decade. Our team of experts has proven that surgical intervention enhances many patients' ability to be weaned off enteral or parenteral nutrition.

In addition, we're not only teaching our techniques to surgeons all over the world, our academic partner the University of Nebraska Medical Center is doing a lot of the cutting-edge research in this field. That means you get access to the latest research first.

Surgical Procedures We Perform Include:

  • Repairing fistulas
  • Ostomy takedown to restore the small bowel to the remaining colon of enhanced enteral absorption
  • Small bowel lengthening and tapering procedures
  • Reverse intestinal segments
  • Serial Transverse Enteroplasty Procedure

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