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When your patient requires the most specialized care, Nebraska Medicine is the right place to be. We have treated patients suffering from short bowel syndrome and intestinal failure for over 25 years.  

Our team is involved in virtually every clinical trial when it comes to the management of these diseases. We have one of only a few programs in the world which offers medical and surgical management of these conditions throughout the lifetime of a patient. We manage both pediatric and adult patients, with a transitional program for our adolescent population.  

Surgical options may include:

  • Serial Transverse Enteroplasty (STEP)
  • Tapering Enteroplasty
  • Enterocutaneous Fistula Repair
  • Intestinal Reconstruction
  • Ostomy Takedown
  • Intestinal Transplantation

You may also be asked to provide a letter of medical necessity for your patient to enter our program or for a return visit. If this is required, we offer these templates for download. 


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