If you or a loved one is admitted to Nebraska Medicine, our hospitalists will ensure that you receive high quality, comprehensive inpatient care. Hospitalists are doctors who focus completely on the care of patients who have been admitted to a hospital. They have extensive experience managing a wide variety of conditions that can only be treated through inpatient care.

Why Being Cared for by a Hospitalist at Nebraska Medicine Matters

Focused, Expert Care

Patients staying in a hospital these days have more serious illnesses, requiring increased time and technical expertise to manage. Hospitalists are internal medicine trained and board-certified doctors dedicated to coordinating and managing the medical care needs of hospitalized patients only. Their intimate knowledge of the inpatient process contributes to a seamless care continuum between primary care, inpatient and post-acute settings. Our hospitalists help ensure greater continuity of care throughout your entire hospital stay resulting in your increased satisfaction.

Close Communication with Your Primary Care Doctor

Our hospitalists provide very detailed and frequent communication throughout your stay, allowing your primary care doctor to be an active partner with the hospitalist, if he or she chooses. If a doctor contacted Nebraska Medicine to have you transferred to one of our hospitals, that doctor will also be kept apprised of your status. Each will receive detailed communication upon your discharge, at which time your primary care doctor can oversee your care moving forward.

Head Home Quicker

Getting you home as soon as is practical is always our goal. Studies show that hospitalist programs nationwide can reduce your length of stay without increasing medical costs.

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