Every year, millions of people suffer from dry eyes.

We are your local eye care specialists, trained in the latest dry eye treatments and technologies to provide you with a personal diagnosis and care plan. Nebraska Medicine is also home to the Truhlsen Eye Institute, Nebraska's state-of-the-art eye care center, where you will find visual health experts across a variety of specialties who are committed to keeping your eyes healthy.

What to expect

Dry eye is a multifactorial disease. At your visit, one of our doctors will determine what type of dry eye you have and recommend treatments that are best for your condition. We do this by evaluating the surface of your eye, discussing certain habits that could be contributing to your condition, and by using diagnostic testing. The diagnostic testing helps us evaluate the concentration of your tears and examine the structure of oil glands within your eyelid.

Treatments for dry eye are as diverse as the tests, from over-the-counter medications and prescription drugs to treatments such as Lipiflow and Optilight IPL (intense pulsed light). Our experienced team is fully trained in the latest dry eye treatments, which means you receive the most appropriate, personal care close to home. Learn more about our diagnostic tests and treatments.

Why choose Truhlsen Eye Institute

Nebraska Medicine eye care is anchored by the Stanley M. Truhlsen Eye Institute, with three stories and more than 50 exam rooms. Truhlsen Eye Institute is your home for state-of-the-art dry eye care. Our team of ophthalmology experts understand the symptoms of dry eyes and can assess your type of dry eye to develop a personalized plan to help you overcome your discomfort.

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