What is a hospital-based violence-intervention program (HBVIP)?

Hospitalization offers a unique window of opportunity for intervention after a violent injury. Hospital-based violence-intervention programs bring together medical staff and community-based partners to reduce violence within a community. 

After a violent injury, a young person may be lying in a hospital bed alone, vulnerable and scared. This is a pivotal moment in their lives – and it’s when violence intervention has the greatest chance at succeeding. 

ENCOMPASS Omaha provides a setting where experts can meet with patients, their families and friends to intervene and end any plan for retaliation. It’s an optimal time to work together on a treatment plan, which includes long-term care from a range of disciplines across the medical and community settings. 

By empowering victims of violence with skills, community-based services, educational and job opportunities, victims can change their lives and contribute to building safer and healthier communities.

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