Both tonsils and adenoids are glands considered to be the body’s first line of defense, as they produce antibodies to help fight infection. Tonsils are the glands in the back of the throat, often appearing as two round lumps.  Adenoids are located high in the throat, behind the nose and the roof of the mouth. Typically, adenoids shrink as you get older and nearly disappear by adulthood. For children, enlarged tonsils and adenoids are a common cause of snoring and sleep disruption. Enlarged adenoids can make it difficult to breathe through the nose. Other symptoms of enlarged adenoids include a chronic runny nose, recurrent ear infections and restlessness during sleep. You should see a doctor if you suspect you may have enlarged adenoids or tonsils.

Tonsils can become infected, which is called Tonsillitis. If they become infected quite often, they can become a problem and your doctor may recommend removing them.

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