Chemical nasal cautery is a simple, non-surgical treatment for chronic sinus or nasal problems not relieved by medication.

With the procedure, a chemical solution is applied over a period of time by a highly skilled ear, nose and throat Nebraska Medicine specialist. It has a success rate of about 80 percent, and patients typically find it more convenient and less painful than traditional nasal surgery. It is also highly effective in patients who have already had nasal surgery or have become intolerant to decongestants.

Nebraska Medicine Offers a Less Painful Alternative to Nasal Surgery

The Ear, Nose & Throat specialists at Nebraska Medicine have the expertise to alleviate your chronic sinus problems when medication fails.

Chemical cautery is an in-office procedure that should be performed once a month for three months during the initial phase of treatment.

Each treatment begins with two applications of topical anesthetics to the nasal lining to eliminate pain. Next, a blood vessel constricting agent is applied to reduce congestion of the nasal lining. This is followed by the application of a solution to deplete the lining of the mast cells which are contributors to the release of histamine.

This solution is applied twice to ensure adequate coverage of the entire nasal lining. A third solution is then applied to clear the nasal airway and ensure proper sinus drainage. Finally, peppermint oil is placed on the nasal lining to prevent it from becoming dry.

After the initial phase of treatment, the patient is re-assessed to determine the effectiveness and receives a fourth treatment. Following the fourth treatment, maintenance treatments are recommended every six months.

Chemical cautery has no known side effects and does not interfere with most medications. It can successfully reduce nasal secretions, as well as relieve nasal and sinus headaches.

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