Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer, the most common non-skin cancer among men, is also the second leading cause of cancer death after lung cancer.

However, when found early, the prognosis improves significantly.

Nebraska Medicine is a leader in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer. Thanks to innovative surgery and imaging techniques as well as targeted radiation therapy, we are continually improving the long-term outlook for men with prostate cancer.

In the past 20 years, the five-year survival rate for all stages combined has increased from 67 percent to 97 percent. Our innovative treatment strategies are also helping men beat prostate cancer without many of the harsh side effects and complications of the past.

Patient Guides

Why You Should Come to Nebraska Medicine for Prostate Treatment

Advanced Treatment Options

One of the most advanced treatment options available for prostate cancer is a new radiation therapy targeting tool called the Calypso targeting advice.

Nebraska Medicine was one of five sites in the country to participate in a pivotal clinical leading to FDA approval of Calypso and has since incorporated Calypso targeting therapy into its standard of care for prostate patients.

Some of the advantages of using the Calypso system over prostatectomy include:

  • A better chance for a cure when the cancer has locally extended beyond the prostate
  • An equivalent chance for cure when the cancer is contained within the prostate
  • A much better likelihood of avoiding any urinary incontinence
  • An excellent chance for preserving potency in men who have normal erectile function at the time of diagnosis

Patients undergoing cancer treatment at Nebraska Medicine also have access to our 24/7 Infusion Center at the Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center, which serves as both a treatment center and 24/7 urgent-care-type facility. A rare offering in the region.

Innovative Surgery

Removal of the prostate is a preferred treatment option for prostate cancer patients who have a life of expectancy of more than 10 years and the cancer is still within the prostate. These patients may qualify for a minimally invasive procedure called robotic prostatectomy. Patients who undergo robotic prostatectomy require less pain medication and experience far less blood loss compared to both open surgery and laparoscopic prostatectomy. This sophisticated technology provides the surgeon with intuitive control, range of motion and incredible precision and accuracy using 3-D images rather than 2-D image provided by laparoscopic surgery. Patients whose cancer is confined to the prostate gland have a 90 percent cure rate.

Targeted Treatment for Prostate Cancer

The field of radiation therapy (often called radiation oncology) has been revolutionized in the past two decades. Now radiation therapy delivery is more targeted and precise than ever. Nebraska Medicine and its academic partner University of Nebraska Medical Center, have participated in the FDA approval study for the Calypso® 4D Localization System for example, which pinpoints the location of prostate cancers, and follows prostate movements in real time. This allows for correction of prostate motion as the radiation treatment is being delivered. We are also one of the few and potentially only center in the region using the Calypso® technology.

More Treatment Options

Other treatments such as radiation therapy or freezing of the prostate, may be considered for patients 60 and older.

Addressing Your Personal Care Needs

Addressing a patient’s physical, educational, emotional and spiritual needs are important aspects of providing a more complete and holistic approach to care. A host of amenities and supportive services are available to help meet these needs. This includes personal care services such as wigs, wig fittings, yoga, massage therapy, skin care and more specifically geared for people with or recovering from cancer are also provided in a private setting.

Cancer Support Services

Finding out that you have cancer can be a very emotional and difficult time. You will likely have many questions and issues to work through. We will be with you every step of the way. Nebraska Medicine offers a host of cancer support services to help you with your physical, emotional, educational and financial needs.

We're Here for you Long After Your Treatment

Our Survivorship Clinic is designed to help you deal with the emotional and physical challenges cancer can leave behind such as fear of recurrence, physical and medical long-term side effects and helping you return to a normal life again. It will also help you transition back into the care of your primary care physician.