What to expect at your next visit

Your health is our number one priority, so your next visit might look a little different.  

Here's what to expect:

1. Care anywhere 
Your next appointment could be a telehealth appointment. Same local experts, from the comfort of your own home. Visit NebraskaMed.com/Telehealth to learn more about our telehealth options. 

2. We are screening patients as they arrive 
Anyone with respiratory symptoms or who has tested positive for COVID-19 will be escorted immediately to an exam room.

3. Masks on arrival
If you have your own facemask, we encourage you to wear it to help us conserve our supply for front-line medical providers. If you do not own a mask, we are happy to provide one when you arrive.

4. Hand-washing stations
We'll show you where the hand-washing station is and ask you to wash your hands thoroughly. 

5. Social distancing
Our clinic spaces are being redesigned to promote social distancing – allowing people to stay 6 feet away from others.

6. Reminder: We’re still limiting visitors
Unless previously approved, we will not be allowing visitors into our facilities. View our visitor policy

And if you're preparing for an upcoming surgery:

7. You'll be tested for COVID-19
All patients undergoing a surgery will be tested for the coronavirus in advance.

8. We're caring for COVID-19 patients in special units
Those with COVID-19 are separated from other patients and cared for in units specifically designed to prevent the spread of respiratory illness. All staff caring for COVID-19 patients wear personal protective equipment to prevent the spread of disease and practice proper hand hygiene measures to limit exposure.

Stay safe. We’ll be here for you.