[QUIZ] Test your COVID-19 vaccine knowledge

Test your COVID-19 vaccine knowledge

Microchips, infertility and changing your DNA – the development of a COVID-19 vaccine has caused several theories to swirl around the internet. How many of them are true? See just how much you know about COVID-19 vaccines with our fact-checked quiz.

1. A COVID-19 vaccine will have a microchip embedded in it.
2. A COVID-19 vaccine will kill 700,000 people.
3. Vaccines can change your DNA.
4. The fastest vaccine ever made took four years.
6. The flu shot prevents COVID-19.
7. A COVID-19 vaccine can cause infertility.
8. Everyone should get every vaccine.
9. At least two vaccine candidates are mRNA vaccines.
10. Until a COVID-19 vaccine is ready, there’s nothing we can do.