COVID-19 spikes causing surgery delays

Published November 10, 2020


We are seeing the most COVID-19 patients in our hospitals since the pandemic began. At the peak in May, 170 COVID-19 patients were in Omaha hospitals. Today, 360 people are in Omaha hospitals for COVID-19. Last week’s positivity rate for Douglas County was a shocking 29.6%.

Nebraska Medicine, along with Methodist Health System and CHI Health, are postponing some nonemergent procedures in response. Your care team will contact you if your procedure is affected.

It's important to note a key difference between now and when we stopped nonemergent care in the spring. At that point, conserving PPE was the main focus. Now, we are conserving hospital space and staff, so we can continue to provide care for COVID-19 hospitalizations and all of our other patients.

See coverage about the surges:

Avoid the three Cs

Slow the spread and help your local health care workers.

  • Crowded places: Avoid gathering in groups where you cannot maintain a minimum of 6 feet of distance from others
  • Close contact: Wear a mask whenever you are within 6 feet of people from outside your household. Masks work – scientific data from around the world continues to show this. In areas with mask mandates, the primary driver of COVID-19 cases is people who spent significant time without their masks on in places like bars and restaurants
  • Confined spaces: Avoid enclosed spaces with poor ventilation. We know how the virus spreads. When people are physically separated from others by 6 feet or more in well-ventilated areas, they are much less likely to become infected

New statewide restrictions

New statewide Directed Health Measures are now in effect:

  • Required 6 feet of separation at gyms, bars, restaurants, churches, weddings and funerals
  • Groups limited to eight people per table at restaurants
  • Indoor youth extracurricular attendance (like school sports) is limited to household members of participants only
  • Indoor halls and events are limited to 25% of rated occupancy
  • Dancing is prohibited at weddings in confined areas, but guests can dance near their tables