Schedule a new pregnancy appointment

Answer the questions below to schedule your first pregnancy appointment.

If you have already seen a Nebraska Medicine health care provider about your current pregnancy, please call 402.559.4500, or log in to your One Chart | Patient account to schedule or reschedule an appointment. 

Have you confirmed your pregnancy with a positive pregnancy test?

Please take a home pregnancy test and confirm it is positive before scheduling an appointment.

Do you currently have an IUD in place, a history of tubal ligation, or had a past etopic pregnancy?

For your safety, a special type of appointment is required for your circumstances. Please call 402.559.4500 to schedule this appointment. 

Have you seen a high risk specialist in the past, or have you been told that you need to see a high risk specialist?
Some common high-risk conditions include: heart or kidney disease, diabetes, hypertension, history of frequent miscarriages or history of organ transplant.

Please call our high risk pregnancy team at 402.559.6150 or 800.557.5589 to schedule this appointment.

Please select an appointment date and time from below.

If you're not seeing your desired health care provider, date or time, please call 402.559.4500.