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Are you a mom-to-be, and searching for a doctor? Consider choosing a Family Medicine doctor. 

Some of our Family Medicine doctors care for people from birth to old age, including throughout planning for a baby, pregnancy and birth. When it comes to pregnancy and birth, it’s all about your personal preferences. The Family Medicine doctors who care for pregnant moms and deliver babies believe that open and honest communication is critical to achieving everyone’s ultimate goal: a happy, healthy mom and baby. 

Below we outlined the doctors’ philosophy around some important topics that may be on your mind. 

What if I need a C-section?

Most women are able to deliver their baby vaginally. But sometimes, to protect you or baby, a C-section becomes necessary. If that situation arises, your Family Medicine doctor will explain everything to you in detail. Some Family Medicine doctors perform the C-section themselves. Others may choose to consult with one of their Nebraska Medicine OB-GYN colleagues, who will perform the surgery. After the surgery, both your doctor and the OB-GYN will care for you while you’re in the hospital. Once you leave the hospital, you will see your Family Medicine doctor for post-partum follow-up visits. 

Does Family Medicine offer pain management?

During your prenatal visits, your Family Medicine doctor will discuss your options for pain management. Some women prefer to avoid pain medications, and instead focus on breathing techniques. Others may wish to try IV pain medications. And some women want an epidural as soon as possible. Whatever your preference, we will make sure everyone is on the same page before you have your baby. And please know that it is always ok for you to change your mind, even if you are already in labor. 

Is it possible to have a more intimate, natural experience with a Family Medicine doctor?

Things like the sounds and lighting in the room, the type of hydration you receive, the position you’re in, the type of pain relief given and how you meet your baby are totally up to you. 

Having an IV in (even if it’s not being used) and occasionally checking the baby’s heartbeat aren’t optional, though. Our doctors feel these two things are essential to keep both mom and baby safe. 

The benefit: Lifelong care after pregnancy, for both baby and mom

By choosing a Family Medicine doctor, you’ll begin a life-long relationship with a doctor who can keep you and your family healthy throughout all life stages, and find some added convenience. When you see a Family Medicine doctor, you can have your post-partum check-up and your baby’s well-child exam take place during the same appointment. 

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Please note: All Family Medicine residents also see prenatal patients. Not all Family Medicine doctors provide OB care. 

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