Heart disease and heart attack quiz

February is Heart Month - a perfect time to brush up on your heart facts.

Understanding heart disease and heart attacks may provide the knowledge you need to help you or a loved one prevent or survive one.

Nebraska Medicine cardiologist Daniel Anderson, MD, provides some common misconceptions regarding heart disease and help dispel these myths. Take this quiz to find out how much you know about heart disease and heart attacks.

Someone having chest pain should call 911.
A heart attack is always preceded by symptoms.
Heart attack symptoms are the same for men and women.
I’m young so I don’t need to worry about heart disease.
I will know if I have high blood pressure.
Having high cholesterol increases my risk for heart attack.
If you are thin and exercise regularly, you are not at risk for heart attack.
If I am in great shape I won't have a heart attack.
Diabetes will affect my heart disease risk even if I keep it under control.
Once I reach my 70s or 80s, there are no benefits to treating heart disease.
Narrowing of the arteries of 50 percent will likely cause symptoms and can be detected by my doctor.
You should exercise after having a heart attack.