Laser vision correction options beyond LASIK: What is Contoura® Vision?

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You may be considering surgery to improve your eyesight but wondering which approach may be best for you in the long run. Laser vision corrective options are continually improving, with ever-increasing offerings for a wide variety of people. Here we consider vision correction options other than standard LASIK, including Contoura® Vision, a new innovative treatment alternative.

Why consider vision corrective surgery?

Vision corrective eye surgery can treat nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), astigmatism and presbyopia (losing up close vision requiring reading glasses).

Vision corrective surgery can help you:

  • Garner freedom from having to wear glasses or contact lenses every day
  • Improve your core vision to see even better than with glasses or contacts
  • Save a significant amount of money in the long run

Customized laser vision correction options beyond LASIK

Your glasses, prescription and cornea shape will dictate the best option for you. Most people have heard about LASIK surgery which changes the shape of the cornea to help focus light on the back of the eye. LASIK corrects a wide range of glasses prescriptions with the quickest visual recovery.

Several other options, including Contoura® Vision, are available for surgical correction at the Truhlsen Eye Institute, including:

  • PRK, or photorefractive keratectomy, is a laser corneal surgery that corrects a moderate range of prescriptions and is ideal for those with thinner corners
  • SMILE, or small incision lenticule extraction, is a minimally invasive laser corneal surgery that is ideal for those with strong nearsightedness or dry eyes
  • EVO ICL or phakic IOL placement may be appropriate if you’re not a good candidate for LASIK, SMILE or PRK. A collamer lens is implanted in the eye, can be surgically removed if desired, and may be a good alternative to laser surgery
  • RLE or refractive lens exchange may be another option if you’re not a good candidate for LASIK, SMILE or PRK.  It is recommended for those seeking early cataract removal to correct vision, corrects a wide range of prescriptions and can minimize the need for reading glasses

What is Contoura® Vision? Is it permanent?

Contoura® Vision is a safe, personalized and enhanced treatment option for LASIK and PRK surgery candidates. Like traditional LASIK and PRK, a laser reshapes the eye, allowing light to enter in a way that helps the eye focus better and see more clearly. The results are permanent.

Unlike traditional LASIK and PRK, Contoura® Vision offers a more customized approach to vision corrective surgery. The procedure considers the unique surface shape of a person’s cornea and customizes its surgical correction accordingly. This results in an upgraded visual outcome.  Approximately 14% of LASIK and PRK surgeries in the United States are currently done with Contoura® Vision.

The procedure treats glasses prescriptions like nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. According to studies, up to 98.4% of patients reported they were satisfied with the surgery and would choose it again.

How does Contoura® Vision work?

Your cornea consists of multiple micro-elevation points and contours that lead to blurred vision, requiring glasses or contact lenses. Contoura® Vision plots and analyses up to 22,000 micro-elevation points, offering a highly customized and detailed map of the cornea, which can be downloaded into the laser for a personalized treatment. This leads to a highly accurate treatment that is better than your glasses prescription.

How effective is Contoura® Vision?

Studies show that 92% of patients could see 20/20 or better, and 65% could see at least one line better than 20/20. At three months, 40% of people gained one or more lines of vision (on an eye chart) that remained consistent one year later.

Contoura® Vision improved symptoms associated with wearing glasses and contact lenses as well, including:

  • A 5% decrease in light sensitivity
  • An 8% decrease in difficulty driving at night
  • Approximately 9% decrease in reading difficulty
  • A 3% reduction in seeing halos
  • An approximately 3% reduction in seeing starbursts
  • An approximately 5% reduction in complaints regarding glare

How do I know if I’m a good candidate?

Comprehensive screening is essential to determine if you are a good candidate for Contoura® Vision. Corneal thickness, age, and eye health are all factors in determining the right vision correction option.

Is Contoura® Vision expensive?

LASIK eye surgery varies widely, and Contoura® Vision is competitively priced. That said, it is wise to be wary of facilities offering remarkably low pricing. See it as a red flag if it sounds too good to be true. In general, vision corrective surgeries are not covered by medical insurance.

Learn more:

Watch our Advancing Health webinar, where Brian Armstrong, MD, and Ivey Thornton, MD, review the six refractive surgery procedures available at Truhlsen Eye Institute, discuss what makes a good candidate, and cover what patients can expect.  

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