You don’t have to live with untreated addiction and mental health issues

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Getting treatment for both mental health and substance use disorders requires a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses both disorders. 

“You can’t just treat one and not the other,” says Ken Zoucha, MD, addiction medicine specialist. “You have to treat both simultaneously to be successful.” 

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The Nebraska Medicine Behavioral Health Program uses a combination of psychotherapy, group therapy and medications approved for psychiatric and substance use and psychiatric disorders, provided by a multidisciplinary team of providers including a board certified addiction psychiatrist, licensed therapists and a registered nurse. 

Suzanne Noonan struggled with substance use and addiction issues for years. But when she found the Outpatient Addiction Program at Nebraska Medicine she finally found an answer. 

“I have felt like I found an answer here,” says Noonan. “I found a therapist who not only listened and validated my feelings and supported me but also gave me answers…someone who gave me and taught me skills to use.” 

Watch the video above to learn more about Noonan’s story and how our Behavioral Health Program can help you.