Nursing Development Fund gives patients an avenue to thank nurses

Linda Grote and Jimmy Grote Jr.

Watching his wife, Linda Grote, battle ovarian cancer was a painful experience, recalls Jimmy Grote Jr., of Minot, North Dakota. It was difficult watching her suffer and not being able to do more. Holding her in his arms, Jimmy recalls his final moments with Linda. “I said, “Goodnight, Linda. Goodbye, Jimmy, she said.” Moments later, she was gone. 

“It had a profound impact on me,” Jimmy says. “It was the nurses that made the experience more tolerable. They were always there for us throughout the whole experience.” 

Sadly, Linda passed away just 18 months after her diagnosis. The nurses made such a big impression on Jimmy that he wanted to thank them by giving back. He discovered the hospital had a fund dedicated to nurses and has been a regular donor ever since. 

Shortly after Linda’s passing, Jimmy was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. His research about where to go for the best care led him to Nebraska Medicine, where he was under the care of hematologist-oncologist Julie Vose, MD, a renowned physician and researcher in the field of blood cancers. Dr. Vose recommended monitoring Jimmy’s protein levels for changes before starting treatment. For the next eight years, Jimmy was followed by a doctor in Minot under the guidance of Dr. Vose. Despite the distance, he stayed in close contact with Dr. Vose and one of her nurses who often served as a liaison.  

“She was my guardian angel,” says Jimmy. “She called me all the time and let me know how my test results came out and what they meant.”

In 2019, there was a significant jump in Jimmy’s protein levels. Dr. Vose recommended a blood and bone marrow transplant. After Jimmy settled in at Nebraska Medical Center, he says he knew he was at the right place. “I fell in love with the facility, the doctors and especially the nurses,” he says. “They were incredible. They treated me like I was a member of their family.”

Jimmy has been doing great since his transplant and still has a special place in his heart for the doctors and nurses at the Nebraska Medical Center. After his transplant, Jimmy wanted to show his appreciation for the amazing care he received and decided to donate to the Nebraska Medicine Nursing Development Fund. He has been a dedicated donor ever since. “I set my donations up as a monthly autopay, so I don’t even have to think about it,” he says. 

Donations to the Nursing Development Fund support nursing education and professional development.

“We have many patients who are so grateful for the care they received while they were here but don’t know how to say thank you,” says Suzanne Nuss, PhD, MBA, RN, CENP, chief nursing officer for Nebraska Medicine. “This fund gives our patients a way to thank their nurses while also helping them learn and grow.” 

Each year, Nebraska Medicine recognizes its nurses during National Nurses Week. “The Nursing Development Fund allows us to recognize several nurses with funds to attend a professional development conference,” says Dr. Nuss. “This keeps them current in their field and allows us to deliver the extraordinary care for which we are known.” 

Thank our nurses
Ready to thank a special nurse? Make a donation today! If you would like to learn more about making a philanthropic contribution to the Nebraska Medicine Nursing Development fund, please contact Emily Tiensvold at or call 402.502.4107.