Answering your Botox FAQs

Woman looking at herself in the mirror

How much does Botox cost?

The price of Botox can vary. Prices vary by patient's age, facial muscle strength, area treated and even past treatments.  

Clinics charge different amounts per unit in different cities, and the price might also depend on who is doing the treatment and his or her level of training. Each person varies and sometimes may need more on one side than the other. This is why it is important to choose an expert with the proper training and experience for your care. For my average patient, the cost to treat lines on the forehead is from $150 to $230; to treat the lines between the brows (glabella) is from $190 to $290; and to treat the lines by the eyes during big smiles (crow's feet) is somewhere in between.
My younger patients using Botox to prevent worsening lines usually have lower needs, while my patients with deeper, etched in lines require higher doses. Make sure you get a personalized consultation by a well-trained physician with experience. This treatment is one to get right, not to save money.  

How long before Botox results can be seen?

The full benefits of Botox are seen in two weeks. Most patients start seeing it kick in within days, however. This effect usually lasts about four months. Some patients get lucky and it lasts longer, and other patients burn through the effects in about three months. When my patients are regular with their Botox treatments, it starts smoothing out the wrinkles they have developed. This is why we suggest it to patients for prevention as well as treating current wrinkles. Most patients continue treatments as time goes on because it is so safe and reliable.  

How many Botox units for 11s or frown lines?

Usually, people need between 16 and 25 units. This is just a range. Some clients need less, some need more. It is important to be evaluated by an experienced professional in these treatments to get it perfect for you. The treatments usually build up if you are regular with them, as well as the muscles get trained over time, and the wrinkles usually lessen after multiple treatments. Sometimes smoothing out the skin 100% can look unnatural and side effects can increase with higher doses.  

How long does Botox last?

Botox usually lasts about four months.  Some patients are lucky and their results last closer to six months. Some patients metabolize the treatment a little faster and the results only last three months. Usually, these are the patients that need a lower dose or have a high metabolic rate (high fitness level).  

Can you exercise after Botox, or will it decrease the results?

We want our patients to avoid exercising for 24 hours after Botox treatments. Not exercising can decrease potential side effects of Botox treatments. It will minimize the chance of bruising to the treated sites and the very uncommon side effect of the spread of the toxin to nearby muscles. We actually want you to exercise the muscles we treated with Botox to get the quickest and most uniform benefits.  This includes frowning, raising your brows or smiling every five minutes for an hour after treatment, depending on what sites you had treated.