Nebraska Medicine/UNMC to help in monitoring Americans for coronavirus symptoms

Doctor and patient

Nebraska Medicine/UNMC and our partners from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Nebraska National Guard, Governor Pete Ricketts, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR), and many other local and state agencies joined together for a press conference explaining more about the arrival of rescued Americans from China.

On Feb. 7, 57 rescued Americans arrived to be quarantined at Camp Ashland. While here, they will be closely observed. If any of the Americans staying at Camp Ashland develop physical signs or symptoms of infection, they would be cared for by one of the best infectious diseases teams in the world, along with partners from the CDC, at an appropriate location at the Nebraska Medical Center.

One of the 57 rescued Americans being monitored for COVID-19 (coronavirus) at Camp Ashland was transported to the National Quarantine Unit on the Nebraska Medical Center/UNMC campus for further evaluation and testing on Friday, Feb. 14. On Saturday, Feb. 15, it was confirmed through testing that this individual did not have the disease.

The Nebraska Public Health lab gave two tests 24 hours apart, and both were negative. If everyone at Camp Ashland remains without symptoms, the group is scheduled to leave quarantine on Thursday, Feb. 20.