Big Breakfast Free Drive-Thru Event

Published September 14, 2017



Be sure to drop by between 6:30 and 9 a.m. Friday, Oct. 6 For FREE Breakfast!

Drive through one of our two event locations for FREE breast health information, breakfast and a fabulous swag bag of goodies as a way to kick off your day and reward yourself for being in sync with your body, mind and soul! Courtesy of Nebraska Medicine.

You don't even have to get out of your car, and we're coming to two different locations.

With your breakfast will be breast health information. About 90 percent of newly diagnosed cancer patients have no family history, according to the American Cancer Society.  So it's only to your advantage to be informed about breast cancer risks.


  • Visually look for changes in your breasts
  • Conduct self-breast exams
  • Schedule your annual mammogram
  • Talk with your primary care doctor about risks, concerns or changes in your breast health

Nebraska Medicine offers the latest in breast screening technology – 3D mammography* – allowing doctors to examine breast tissue images one layer at a time providing a greater understanding of your current breast health.

Mammography locations include Bellevue, Midtown Omaha and West Omaha.

Long Overdue in Talking with Your Doctor?

Need to find a new doctor to call yours? Time to schedule your mammogram? Whatever the need you can call 800.922.0000 and our team will help you with next steps. Or, visit our doctor profiles and videos. On many profiles you can read patient reviews of our doctors.  


*3D mammography available at some locations