You asked, we answered: How old is too old for a breast reduction and liposuction?

A picture of an older woman talking to her doctor


Is 73 too old to get a breast reduction and liposuction?

Answer from Heidi Hon, MD, board-certified plastic surgeon:

There’s no specific age I would recommend for either. I don’t think 73 is too old for the correct patient. If you’re younger and still of child-bearing age, consider how important breastfeeding may be to you. Breastfeeding isn’t always possible after a breast reduction.

The ideal candidate for either procedure is someone at a stable weight who no longer wants to have children. I believe results are more durable in these instances as pregnancies can cause weight fluctuations and breast changes. If you are an older patient, one thing to keep in mind is that you may have more skin laxity; therefore, after a liposuction case, you may be left with loose skin that may require excision.

With any surgery, there are always risks involved. Older patients may be on more medications such as blood thinning medications which could lead to an increase in bleeding. It’s always important to be open and communicate well with your surgeon on supplements, vitamins and any new medications prescribed to you. Older patients generally will undergo risk evaluation by primary care providers and our anesthesia team.

Breast reductions may be covered by insurance if someone has neck pain, upper back pain, migraines or shoulder pain. There’s usually a multitude of criteria the insurance company will want the patient to meet before approval. Patients will need evaluation by a plastic surgeon for submission to an insurance company. Liposuction, however, is usually not covered by insurance.