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There’s a new resource for health information, wellness tips and advice on  

Advancing Health is the new Nebraska Medicine web content hub. Subscribers will still receive a bi-weekly email newsletter and a quarterly magazine highlighting this content. 

With this new website section, visitors can easily navigate to other relevant stories, learn more about specific clinicians and services and subscribe to receive updates more efficiently. 

Content is placed into one of six categories: 

  • Healthy Lifestyle 

  • Nebraska Medicine News 

  • Patient Stories 

  • Questions and Answers 

  • Events and Webinars 

  • Conditions and Services 

People can find even more personalized content by filtering by Area of the Body and Services. 

Advancing Health conditions and services section
There is also a new section dedicated to questions people are too scared to ask their doctors. Your questions are answered by Nebraska Medicine experts. 

Advancing Health questions and answers section
You can also view our upcoming events and webinars for even more health and wellness education. 

Advancing Health events and webinars section
These new features allow website visitors to find exactly what they’re looking for, and more. It’s easier than ever to connect with Nebraska Medicine experts and services.