Advanced Practice Provider Clinical Placement Request

Thank you for your interest in pursuing clinical hours at Nebraska Medicine. 

Nebraska Medicine has been limiting the number of new CAA’s signed due student capacity and has not been adding contracts with online FNP programs.

Please read the following points before you fill out request, as they are very important.

  1. The placement portal is to request hours with Nebraska Medicine Advanced Practice Providers.  We do not have the authority to place with physicians.
    1. If you wish to be with physician, you need to go through their student coordinators.
  2. As the capacity of preceptors allows priority placement goes to Nebraska Medicine employees, UNMC and Clarkson College Students (due to the Academic Affiliation Agreement (AAA)).
  3. Before any placement there needs to be a Clinical Affiliation Agreement (CAA) with Nebraska Medicine and requesting University/College.
  4. Capacity based on program of study:
    1. Family Medicine - limited
    2. Women’s Health - limited
    3. Adult Acute Care
    4. Neonatal – limited
    5. Psych
    6. Adult Gero Primary - limited
    7. Pediatrics - NO outpatient pediatrics available
      1. Limited capacity in the PICU
      2. Pedi Hem/Onc is for supplemental hours only (40-50) and limited capacity
  5. You may request a preceptor, but there is no guarantee.
  6. Due to limited slots, please submit supplemental areas of interest, as we may be able to facilitate that request.
  7. The application process will be open 30 days prior to the established deadline for each semester.
  8. You will get placement notification within 2 weeks of deadline from the Office of Health Professions Education with the next steps you need to take through APOLLO - You are accountable for ensuring all is done before you come on campus.

Physician Assistant student clinical placement application

Nurse Practitioner Student Application start and end dates for each semester.

Semester Nurse Practitioner Student Application Start Nurse Practitioner Student Application Deadline
Spring Sept. 1 Oct. 1
Summer Jan. 1 Feb. 1
Fall April 1 May 1

If you have questions, please email us at

For Graduate Non-Clinical Nursing Placement requests, undergraduate nursing preceptor placements, and non-clinical nursing requests (eg. Clinical informatics) visit