Scholarships and sponsorships currently accepting applications:

At Nebraska Medicine we want to help you attain the education you need for the medical careers you aspire to as inexpensively as possible.

To that end, bookmark this page. When we sponsor or hear about new scholarships or programs you might be interested in, we post it here:

1. Medical Assistant Sponsorship (Metro Community College)

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2. Surgical Technology Student Sponsorship:

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3. EEG Technologist Pilot Sponsorship Online Program

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Those selected for the EEG Technologist Pilot Sponsorship program will as part of the sponsorship receive:

  • Paid tuition for Laboure College’s online Neurodiagnostic Technology program (including books)
  • A paid part-time position in the Neurology department as an eeg Tech Trainee
  • An offer of full-time employment as an eeg Tech upon successfully completes the online program (two-year retention commitment required)
  • For more information on applying for this sponsorship, contact