Education and Advancement Overview

Your career at Nebraska Medicine is a tailored experience. We strongly believe that learning is an ongoing exercise and one that empowers our colleagues to shape and advance their careers based on their own personal goals. We work diligently to help members of our team pursue educational opportunities, whether that means attending college to earn a higher degree or participating in conferences or seminars.

“I tell my friends how great it is. You’re not stuck in one position.”

Our diverse education programs are designed to accommodate the goals of our employees and include: Antimicrobial Stewardship Program at Clarkson College, the Clarkson Family Practice Residency Program and the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

In addition, we offer a job shadowing program at Nebraska Medical Center to provide both current and prospective health care students an opportunity to observe health care professionals in a workplace setting. Lasting two or four hours, the job shadowing experience allows students see themselves in a specific field, helping them identify the area of health care they are interested in pursuing. 


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