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At Nebraska Medicine, nurses are valued, empowered and supported. With clinical experiences you won't find anywhere else, and some of the lowest staffing ratios in the region, we're looking for nursing students who are willing to go above and beyond what's expected. In return, we vow to work with you to find a position that's close to home and works with your schedule. We offer competitive benefits, including loan assistance, education and advancement, and the opportunity to contribute to and witness cutting-edge medical innovations. If you want to learn more about working here, you can watch our most recent open house video.



  • 00:00 - Introductions and background on what it's like to work on many of the nursing floors at Nebraska Medicine
  • 00:13 - Brian - 9 Trauma - A 38-bed Med/Surg unit
  • 01:34 - Matt - cardiothoracic & vascular services/OR
  • 04:14 - Perks of being on OR Nurse
  • 04:53 - Video in which OR nurse Sarah talks about working at Nebraska Medicine
  • 06:25 - Stephanie - 4 and 5 Lied Med/Surg Unit with 40 beds, which focuses on orthopaedics patient
  • 07:35 - Brooke - nursing professional development specialist on 6 Neuro, the Med/Surg unit in Clarkson Tower
  • 08:36 - Emily - Neurological Care Specialty Unit
  • 09:30 - Cassie - 6 and 7 Lied 40-bed Med/Surg Unit
  • 11:11 - Arien - Cardiac Care Unit-Post Cardiac Surgery
  • 12:28 - Rachelle - Solid Organ Transplant Unit - 36 beds
  • 13:05 - Vicki - Solid Organ Transplant Unit
  • 16:14 - Todd - Oncology ICU
  • 18:38 - Tracy - Oncology Progressive Care Unit - 24 beds
  • 20:04 - Megan - Observation Unit on the second floor of Clarkson Tower 26 beds
  • 21:09 - Meg - Bellevue Medical Center, smaller community hospital, manages 8-bed ICU.
  • 24:30 - Nandi - Step Down Critical Care, a 12-bed unit
  • 27:05 - Kaylie Guinan - nurse residency coordinator, goes into depth on Nebraska Medicine's nurse residency program, and how it helps you transition smoothly from being a nursing student to feeling capable and comfortable actually being a nurse.


  • 40:14 - Are all new graduates at Nebraska Medicine automatically put in the residency program?
  • 41:45 - What incentives for new graduates does Nebraska Medicine offer?
  • 42:55 - What advice would you give on choosing a unit and what are some job interview tips?
  • 52:00 - What are you looking for in a new nurse?
  • 54:56 - What's your favorite part about being a nurse?
  • 59:45 - How does Nebraska Medicine promote self care for nurses?


If you're an extraordinary nursing student who's committed to helping patients and their families feel comfortable, confident and cared for, we want to hear from you.


Learn more about working here, or find out how to complete your nursing residency at Nebraska Medicine.

Learn more about our nursing units:


An acute and chronic level of care, with patient to nurse ratios are 4:1 on days and 5:1 on nights. Large units with a variety of patient populations.


  • SOTU (Solid Organ Transplant Unit)
  • 6 Neuro (Neurological Sciences Specialty Unit)
  • HVU (Heart and Vascular Unit)
  • 9 Trauma
  • 5 West (MS and Independent Bariatric patients)
  • Pediatric (Transplants and Pediatric BMT)
  • Lied 4 and 5 (Orthopedic, Spine and Acute Care)
  • 6 Lied (Hospitalist patients)
  • 7 Lied (Hospitalist patients)
  • Med/Surg Buffett (Oncology)

Bellevue Medical Center:

  • 3th and 4th Floor Med/Surg


Progressive Care is a post-intensive level of care. Patient to nurse ratios are 3-4:1 on days and 3-5:1 on nights. Large and small units.


  • Stepdown Critical Care (SDCC)
  • CPCU (Cardiac Progressive Care Unit) 
  • Progressive Care Unit (Oncology)
  • Special Care Unit (Oncology/BMT)

*Small bed units are limited to the number of new grad hires.


The ICU is a high acuity level of care, with patient to nurse ratios are 2-3:1. Small units with a variety of patient populations.


  • CVICU (Cardio Vascular)
  • NSICU (Neuro Science)
  • SICU (Surgical)
  • MICU (Medical)
  • NICU (Neonatal)
  • PICU (Pediatric)
  • Buffett ICU (Oncology)

Bellevue Medical Center:

  • Critical Care (Progressive and ICU)

*Small bed units are limited to the number of new grad hires.


Specialty Nursing

  • Nursing Staffing Resources (Float Pool) [Fellowship]
  • Surgical Services (OR)
  • Emergency Services [Fellowship] – applications accepted twice a year and highly competitive

Bellevue Medical Center:

  • Emergency Services [Fellowship] – applications accepted twice a year and highly competitive