International Second Opinions

A second opinion regarding your diagnosis or treatment plan can be a valuable resource when you are faced with difficult health decisions. At Nebraska Medicine, our highly specialized and world renowned specialists can make it easy for you to get a second opinion without leaving home. We provide electronic consultations and pathology reviews in a simple process that you or your physician can request. This is the first step to determine if you will benefit from a treatment offered at our hospital for your medical condition.

Our service is easy, accurate, confidential, minimal in cost and fast. In most cases, you will receive a consultation report within 72 to 96 hours of evaluation.

To get started, please contact us via phone or email. We'll send you the appropriate forms to fill out. In addition to the completed forms, we will need:

  1. Full medical history, current medications and reports obtained from your doctors
  2. Hematology test results, if available
  3. Pathology specimen biopsy blocks and corresponding written reports, if available
  4. Radiology test results (scans, X-rays, etc.) may be transmitted by written reports or CD-rom, flash thumb drive or over the internet, if any are available
  5. Any other information that may be beneficial for our specialists to better understand your condition

You or your physician may fax, mail or email the information to us. Images and pathology specimen blocks with reports may be sent to us by overnight mail (shipping instructions are included in our forms).

Phone: +1 402.559.3090

Fax: +1 402.552.2405



After you receive your second opinion treatment plan recommendations and decide to seek evaluation and/or treatment at Nebraska Medicine, International Healthcare Services will assist you in making your medical appointments. Contact us via phone or email and we will get back to you within 48 hours to assist you with your arrangements.

Phone: +1 402.559.3090


Services are not intended for persons located in the European Union.