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Physician Partnerships Help Improve Services To Physicians and Patients

decorative Over the past few years, Nebraska Medicine has invested considerable time and effort into building and nurturing partnerships with our referring physicians. We would like to thank all of you who have graciously given your time to provide feedback and to identify opportunities to help us improve our services to you and your patients. The following outlines some of services we have implemented as a direct result of your feedback.

Patient Information Exchange

A standard packet of information is faxed to referring physician offices on all inpatient admissions and includes the following information: admission notice, discharge notice, medication list, discharge instructions, discharge summary and referring physician survey.

We also offer electronic access to your patients’ entire medical record. For more information on this service, please go to the “for providers” section of our website and click on Access Patient Records.

Improving Inpatient Verbal Information Exchange
Moving forward, primary care physicians will receive a phone call upon admission of their patient. Timing for this change as well as contact during other stages of care is being discussed.
Patient Transfer Requests (60 minutes from phone call to bed assignment)
Effective March 1, bed assignments are now centrally assigned from the Patient Placement Unit with the goal of assigning the patient to the appropriate unit in one phone call with the referring physician. We have seen a dramatic improvement in this area and are confident you are receiving a streamlined process to expedite the transfer of your patients.
Scheduling Outpatient Appointments
We have partnered with UNMC Physicians to improve access to outpatient services, beginning with the Cardiology Clinic. Improvements include standardized classification of patient needs into emergent, urgent and routine categories which will guide appropriate scheduling. Improvements will continue to be implemented to other clinics.
A “For Providers” section has been added to our homepage
You will have access to a host of useful information including our patient transfer number: 1-800-258-0029, comprehensive patient transfer information including forms, physician to physician consult line and contact information for personnel in our Physician Relations department.
Picture Pages
Upon admission, case managers are distributing a handout containing photos of the attending physician, senior resident (if applicable) and case manager. This will help patients identify their healthcare team while in the hospital and following discharge.
Nurse Leader Rounding and Post Discharge Phone Calls

We recently implemented nurse leader rounding which opens the door for your patient and their family to discuss their care and any concerns with the nurse leader on the unit. A post discharge phone call pilot has also been implemented to ensure that the patient has a good understanding of their discharge instructions and care. The calls have been a successful way to ensure the continuum of care, avoid re-admission and to offer support to the patient.

In addition to the projects mentioned above, we are committed to providing your patient an outstanding patient experience. We utilize our patient surveys to continually assess and guide patient specific improvements.

Care concerns, questions and requests for feedback can be directed to Jeni Kirsch, physician relations coordinator, at