OneThousandOne represents the amount of time, verbally, that it takes to count to one second. In this one second of time, a great thing happened at Nebraska Medicine. In fact, several great things probably happened. A patient was cured, a researcher found the missing link, a nurse treated an injury, a doctor comforted a family or maybe a child just smiled.
Summer | Fall 2007

Summer | Fall 2007

  • A New Era in Breast Cancer Treatment
    On this particular day, she has a full schedule of patients in her clinic. As oncologist Beth Reed, MD, one of the region’s leading experts on breast cancer, scans the schedule, she notes that she’ll see women at a variety of stages in their cancer journey:  four newly diagnosed patients, four who are a year or more out from treatment and the remaining eight patients who are breast cancer survivors of five years or more – a milestone Dr. Reed is sharing with an increasing number of her patients all of the time.
  • Making Healthcare Work
    As a dad, Dr. Canedy is good at crafting things. As president and executive director of SimplyWell LLC, Dr. Canedy is an expert at crafting innovative concepts and solutions for healthcare delivery and management.
  • A Game of Life
    When Kari Jefferson came to Omaha to watch a high school basketball game with her husband, Jose, giving birth was probably one of the furthest things from her mind.
  • Maximum Precision
    About two years ago, Timothy Solberg, PhD, an unassuming individual with some big goals, slipped into the lower halls of The Nebraska Medical Center to join his new colleagues in the Department of Radiology.
  • Finding Fulfillment
    All babies spit up. That’s what Nolan Miller’s parents thought after they brought him home Sept. 20, 2003, two days after he was born.