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One Thousand and One

About This Publication

One Thousand and One provides readers with a more in-depth look at the people and programs that make Nebraska Medicine an extraordinary place to go for your health care. One Thousand and One represents the amount of time, verbally, that it takes to count to one second. In this one second of time, a great thing happened at Nebraska Medicine. In fact, several great things probably happened. A patient was cured, a researcher found the missing link, a nurse treated an injury, a doctor comforted a family or maybe a child just smiled.

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One Thousand One Magazine | 2015

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In This Issue:

  • This is Not a Drill – Biocontainment and Ebola - Alicia Parker, BSN, RN, was used to getting monthly text messages from the Nebraska Biocontainment Unit. They were usually about meetings, drills and training sessions. But this time was different. This time the unit was being activated.
  • A Life-Saving Routine - It started on the first anniversary of 9/11. Duane Johnson, a retired schoolteacher, wanted to make a difference. He stopped by a local American Red Cross blood drive and rolled up his sleeves. From there on out, it became a regular routine for the next 12 years. But as it ends up, giving blood may have helped save Johnson’s life.
  • The Art of Medicine - A patient is like an open book. It is the physician’s job to explore the chapters and pull out the relevant pieces that will help guide the physician in treating the patient and providing him or her the best quality of life. It’s an integral part of providing personalized patient care and what many physicians like to call the “Art of Medicine”.
  • Best Interest at Heart - In case you haven’t heard — there’s a new name in town with familiar roots. The Nebraska Medical Center, Bellevue Medical Center and UNMC Physicians — once three separate but interconnected organizations — are now operating under one name, Nebraska Medicine, a change that began last fall.
  • Visible Excellence - Located on The Nebraska Medicine campus, the Stanley M. Truhlsen Eye Institute has all the right components to deliver innovative new therapies for some of the most devastating eye diseases; prominent experts in the field, an advanced diagnostic center and a dedicated center for cutting-edge research.

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