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About the Cancer Center

As a founding member of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN), Nebraska Medicine offers patients the most comprehensive cancer treatment options. For the best possible outcome in cancer care, the medical center is the place to begin cancer treatment for:

A multidisciplinary approach to care is having a whole team of specialists review each case and agree on the best course of treatment. A patient’s primary care physician will appreciate the comprehensive approach to care and communication with the team of specialists. Nebraska Medicine focuses on a multidisciplinary approach to care with nationally recognized programs in:

Nationa Comprehensive Cancer Network

When the treatment is successful and the cancer is in remission, the Survivorship Program exists to transition each patient back into the care of their primary care physician. Beyond the treatment of cancer, physicians at the medical center treat the emotional and physical needs of each patient as well. Cancer support services are available to help patients maintain emotional and financial health while getting cancer treatment.

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