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Newborn Transport Team

Baby LifeNet

Transport team pushing stretcher

The NICU at Nebraska Medicine is home to the Omaha area's first neonatal transport team. The nurses of this specialized transport team are based out of The Nebraska Medical Center's NICU and have been transporting babies via helicopter or ground ambulance for over 20 years. Babies from all over Nebraska as well as the adjoining states, are transported by baby LifeNet to Nebraska Medicine to receive the best care possible.

Our neonatal specialty transport team is comprised of 12 neonatal RN's functioning in an expanded role with specific advanced training in the stabilization and transport of the critically ill infant. In addition baby LifeNet has specially trained Respiratory Therapists who accompany the team in the event that the patient need a special ventilator to deliver inhaled nitric oxide, the newest treatment for persistent pulmonary hypertension (PPHN) in the newborn.

Medics riding helicopter with newborn

The team arrives fully equipped to treat even the sickest of babies. Our extensive monitoring capabilities include EKG, oximetry, invasive and non-invasive blood pressure monitoring, end-tidal CO2 monitoring and continuous skin temperature monitoring. A variety of medications are carried including prostaglandins, surfactant, antibiotics, sedation, pain and emergency medications.

A neonatal transport nurse is on duty around the clock in the NICU to respond quickly to a transport request or to assist the staff nurses in the care of our NICU babies.

Call 1-888-559-4442 to make a request.


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