All trauma centers are not alike.

Throughout Nebraska and the region, there is only ONE certified, level one trauma center prepared to care for any injury, at any time, for any age.

Trauma is 24/7. But all trauma centers are not alike.
Luke Goedert has cared for many patients with spinal injuries. He never expected to become one.
During a football game, Isaac Pfeifer suffered a spinal injury. He was flown to the hospital's trauma center and underwent a successful surgery.
Alisa Robertson survived a tragic car accident, thanks to the quick actions of the hospital's trauma team.

The Facts

Traumatic injury is the leading killer of Nebraskans under the age of 44 and the third leading cause of death in older citizens, crossing all socioeconomic groups.

Nebraska Medicine logs 50,000 ED visits annually, with an estimated 8,800
trauma-related injuries.

Trauma-Related Injuries 8,800 Estimated Ed Visits annually: 50,000

Despite the popular conception, the greatest percentage (43 percent) of all trauma injury is
the result of falls.

Falls 23% Motor Vehicle 25% Gunshot Wounds 6% Other 26%

Our Team

Trauma involves literally hundreds of medical caregivers, therapists and support staff prepared to deal with any injury at any time. At Nebraska Medicine, trauma care is a comprehensive team effort that involves nearly every area of the organization.

Trauma Team
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