Patient Stories

From Our Patients

Since 1970 our program has been working to shape the field of transplantation and to provide hope and life for thousands of patients. When the care required needs the most innovative, cutting-edge and unique services available, Nebraska is the place and our patients agree. Learn more about some of our current and past patients’ experiences.

Kidney Transplantation

"Was the best place I could have ever come to receive my kidney transplant and the treatment I needed. Their team is amazing."
-Michael, New York
Living-donor kidney recipient

Liver Transplantation

"I knew I might need a transplant, so I looked at several medical centers. My doctor recommended Nebraska and from my first visit, I was impressed by the level of care and expertise."
-Jim, South Salem, Ohio
Liver recipient

"The first day home from the hospital after his transplant, our son smiled more than he ever had. He also rolled over for the first time. Before, his large, bloated, fluid-filled stomach kept him from being physically active."
-Jeff, Lincoln, Nebraska
Father of living-donor liver recipient

"It's amazing. We look back and think how normal life is now and how far we have come."
-Mary, Olathe, Kansas
Mother of liver recipient

Intestinal Transplantation

"Omaha is very different. Every day you see the same group of doctors, the same group of nurses, the same people who know you and know how your child's been doing. They manage to make it family-oriented. Nebraska Medicine is a very, very special place."
-Sarah, Sugarland, Texas
Mother of liver/intestinal transplant recipient

"I am so glad we came to Omaha. If we had not sought out care, I don't know if she would be alive. I couldn't have asked for a better hospital or a better transplant team."
-Rebecca, Florida
Mother of intestinal transplant recipient

"We researched the hospitals that offered intestinal transplantation and we chose Nebraska Medicine because it was where the team of doctors was most approachable and the hospital was the most family friendly."
-Laura, South Carolina
Mother of intestinal transplant recipient

Islet Auto Transplantation

"I feel wonderful now. I couldn’t ask for more."
-Jeff, Cresent, Iowa
Islet Auto Patient

"I had such a great time here. I’ve told them many times thank you, thank you, thank you."
-Charlene, Omaha, Nebraska
Islet Auto Patient

Intestinal Failure Program

"After we met with the team, we went from having no hope that our son would live, to having hope that he would not only live but have a normal life."
-Erin, Bellevue, Nebraska
Mother of intestinal rehabilitation patient

"The greatest thing about the team is that they have always been available to us. We've called them at all hours and they're always there for us."
-Amy, Omaha, Nebraska
Mother of intestinal rehabilitation patient

Heart Transplantation

"Before the transplant, walking from the front sidewalk up the steps to my home left me 'huffing and puffing.' Now I can walk so far that it makes my legs ache."
-Darrel, Kearney, Nebraska
Heart transplant recipient

"The doctors have very high remarks in my book. I'm alive today because of them. I can't say enough about how wonderful those doctors are."
-Sandra, Stamford, Nebraska
Heart transplant recipient

"Today, I feel 100 times better. I have more strength and energy and an overall sense of well-being and peace. I don't get short of breath every time I turn around. It's a wonderful feeling of freedom."
-Larry, Council Bluffs, Iowa
Heart transplant recipient

Carcinoid & Neuroendocrine Tumors Program

The care you receive here is top quality care; very caring individuals. They explain things to you, exactly what is going to happen.
-Kim, Missouri
Carcinoid patient

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