Our Extraordinary Program

Founded in 1970, Nebraska Medicine's Kidney Transplant Program performed the first kidney transplant in the state. Since then, we have become widely recognized as one of the most active and innovative kidney and pancreas transplantation centers worldwide. The Kidney Transplant Program is a leader in adult, pediatric, living-donor transplants and laparoscopic kidney procedures. We consistently achieve excellent graft and patient survival rates and have earned Medicare designation.

Our Patient Care

Numerous physicians and medical professionals work together to ensure patients receive the most comprehensive and innovative treatments possible. Our multidisciplinary transplant team includes transplant surgeons, endocrinologists, nephrologists, nursing staff, clinical nurse coordinators, social workers, child life specialists, psychologists, psychiatrists, pharmacologists, financial counselors, pharmacy counselors, pastoral services, patient relations coordinators and others dedicated to providing extraordinary care to patients and their families.

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