Treatment Options

Nebraska Medicine offers a wide range of medical and surgical treatment options to patients with kidney disease. These include:

  • Providing comprehensive medical care for adult and pediatric patients with kidney diseases
  • Live-donation kidney transplants where a living-donor kidney is removed and implanted in the patient
  • Deceased-donor transplants for patients who don't have a living-donor option
  • Crossmatch incompatible donor/recipient pairs
  • OPTN Kidney Paired Donation Network membership to facilitate incompatible donor/recipient pairs with other incompatible donor/recipient pairs in hopes of finding a compatible transplant possibility
  • Altruistic/Anonymous Donor options where individuals are willing to donate one of their kidneys to someone not known who is waiting for a kidney transplant
  • Inpatient dialysis and referral to outpatient dialysis facilities when dialysis is needed
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