Our Extraordinary Program

In 1990, Nebraska Medicine transplantation specialists were among the first to recognize patients suffering from the complications of intestinal failure and began performing liver and intestinal transplants. In 1993, we became one of the first medical centers to perform isolated intestinal transplants. In 2000, we formalized our Intestinal Rehabilitation Program, providing a successful alternative for selected patients suffering from intestinal failure. Today, Nebraska Medicine is one of a few facilities with expertise in intestinal failure - and one of the busiest programs in the United States. Innovation, solid outcomes and high patient survival rates have distinguished our center as a leader in intestinal failure.

Nebraska Medicine is one of the original Medicare-designated centers to perform multivisceral (transplanting multiple organs of the digestive system) and intestinal transplants for pediatric and adult patients in the nation.

Our Patient Care

Our program provides a multidisciplinary team approach to intestinal failure and offers patients focused and customized care. Specialists on our team have expertise in hepatology, gastroenterology, psychology, child life and surgery for both adult and pediatric patients. Continuity of care is accentuated with specially-trained transplant nurse coordinators, social workers, nutritionists, pharmacologists and patient financial counselors, as well as volunteer services.

We provide some of the most comprehensive outpatient and follow-up care in the country, helping our outcomes and survival rates exceed national averages. Our intestinal failure team provides extensive support and education to patients and their families throughout the transplant journey, and even after they return home.

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