Treatment Options

Intestinal Rehabilitation

Who we can help:

  • Patients who struggle to maintain weight, hydration or nutritional status without relying on intravenous support
  • Patients with short-bowel syndrome
  • Patients with intestinal disease
    • inflammatory bowel disease
    • chronic malapsorption states
    • radiation enteritis
  • Patients with complex surgical problems (e.g. fistulae)
  • Patients with functional intestinal disorders (e.g. pseudo-obstruction)
  • Patients who require specialized tube feedings for fluid or nutrients
  • Patients who need to reduce diarrhea and control volume of stool output

Outpatient Initial Assessment and Evaluation

In an outpatient setting, patients can undergo a comprehensive medical and nutritional assessment. Consultation is provided to patients, families and primary care providers caring for these individuals with a variety of complex medical issues. Assessment of their current medical status, appropriateness of parenteral and/or enteral nutrition support and development of the best individualized plan of care is established.

Inpatient Assessment and Care

When medically indicated, an inpatient team monitors patients daily. Individuals are medically stabilized and treated and provided nutritional and behavioral modification to reduce or eliminate the need for enteral or parenteral nutrition. Behavioral modification experts are available to work with pediatric patients and their families for maximizing oral diets and reducing nutrition support therapy.

Surgical Intervention

Assessment by an experienced surgeon specializing in the bowel and liver can lead to surgical options based on the needs of the individual. Procedures may include: repair of fistulas, ostomy takedown to restore small bowel to remaining colon for enhanced enteral absorption, small bowel lengthening and tapering procedures or reverse intestinal segments. Our team of experts has shown that surgical intervention enhances many patients' ability to be weaned off enteral or parenteral nutrition.

The Intestinal Rehabilitation Program (IRP) team works in collaboration with the intestinal transplant program. If transplantation becomes necessary, patients benefit by a seamless transfer to our world-renown transplant team.

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