Treatment Options

Intestinal Rehabilitation

Who we can help:

  • Patients who struggle to maintain weight, hydration or nutritional status without relying on intravenous support
  • Patients with short-bowl syndrome or intestinal disease, such as inflammatory bowel disease, chronic malabsorption states or radiation enteritis
  • Patients who have had multiple infections associate with vascular access and TPN
  • Patients with complex surgical problems (Ex: fistulae, strictures, dilated bowel)
  • Patients with functional intestinal disorders (Ex: Pseudo-obstruction)
  • Patients who require specialized tube feedings for fluid or nutrients to support nutrition
  • Patients who need to reduce diarrhea and control volume of stool output
  • Patients with bacterial overgrowth
  • Patients with extreme short bowel syndrome
  • Patients with abdominal wounds with fluid loss, abdominal wall loss resulting in need for wound care therapy and TPN
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