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Document Translation

Nebraska Medicine's Interpretive Service offers document translation services for internal and external business customers to facilitate communication with non-English speaking patients.


Patient education, procedure instructions, genetics letters, consult summaries, consent forms, discharge summaries, diagnostics, IRB studies, other research.


Requestors submit all requests via the following options:

Internal Staff
  • Enter your request online
    • Attach an electronic version (MS-Word) of the document to be translated
    • Enter your desired completion date
    • Submit the form
External Request
Please contact the Interpretive Services department 402-559-8697 for assistance.

NOTE: Documents with a copyright will not be translated.

  • Once the program coordinator receives the translation request, a confirmation of receipt with a fee quote for translation services, (if applicable) will be sent within five business days.
  • All written translations go through a tier proofing to ensure accuracy of translation.
  • The time for completion may vary depending on the length and complexity of the document. Priority will be given to time sensitive documents and special needs situations.
  • The document will be filed until the program coordinator receives a confirmation of acceptance for fee quote and completion date from the requestor.