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As a Comprehensive Trauma Center, Nebraska Medicine provides the highest level of care for patients of all ages with complex traumatic injury. The Orthopedic trauma team on-call at the hospital evaluates and treats fractures and dislocations, both common and complex. Poly-traumatized patients and those with long-bone and pelvic trauma benefit from a full array of emergency services, diagnostic imaging, and consultation. These physicians use techniques of internal, intramedullary and external fixation, as well as microvascular techniques for the repair of fractured and damaged joints and soft-tissues.

In addition to emergency services, the orthopaedic trauma team works with subspecialists to develop treatment plans for old injuries and fractures which failed to heal correctly the first time. There are times where patients tolerate the pain from these conditions as part of a new reality. However, surgical and biological advances have improved and are now a better fit for the body. These complex cases are often referred into the hospital from area physicians.

Learn more about the skilled orthopaedic trauma specialists at Nebraska Medicine by using Find a Physician or make an appointment by calling 800-922-0000.


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