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As a top-tier educational resource, the Biomechanics Lab has become a premier implant testing facility that is directly impacting design and testing standards for total joint implants. The Nano-Biotechnology Lab is making great strides building tougher, ‘smarter’ implants for future generations.

The Nano-Biotechnology Laboratory, at the Scott Technology Center on the Aksarben campus, is producing nanocrystalline structures intended to improve the longevity of artificial joint implants. Working with other UNMC researchers from the departments of genetics, cell biology and anatomy, and pathology and microbiology, they are developing durable coatings that promote bone marrow stromal cell growth while reducing the possibility of infections. The goal for these advanced technologies is to enhance bone growth and reduce patient recovery time. In turn, the life of the orthopaedic prostheses will be prolonged.

Research Faculty


HANI HAIDER, PHD is the director of Biomedical Engineering Research and Advanced Surgical Technologies. His main mission is to make its Orthopaedic Biomechanics Laboratory a leading facility known internationally for implant technology. Professor Haider has received over 30 research grants and contracts, mostly from the orthopaedic companies in the USA, and from Europe and Japan. He has presented over 130 papers in peer-reviewed journals and international conferences in engineering and orthopaedics biomechanics.


FEREYDOON NAMAVAR, SCD serves as the director of the Nano-Biotechnology Laboratory. Presently, he is involved with the development of novel concepts and technologies to maximize the lifetime of orthopaedic implants and minimize the possibility of wear and revision surgery. These innovations include the development of novel nanostructure materials for (i) friction and wear reduction, (ii) substrates for tissue engineering and enhancement of bone growth, and (iii) novel anti-bacterial coatings for short and long term applications of prosthetic devices. In a collaborative research project with Professor Sharp of the Department of Genetics and Cell Biology and Professor Jackson of the Department of Pathology and Microbiology, Dr. Namavar initiated a novel stem cell-nanotechnology research project to regulate cellular growth in order to enhance or prevent cell proliferation as needed, to either improve health or prevent disease with emphasis on orthopaedic applications.

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